Where are you located?

We are located at 65 Nielson Street, Suite 104, adjacent to Watsonville Community Hospital, in the Medical Office building. We are located within 1/2 mile of Highway 1 in Watsonville, using the Airport Boulevard exit.

Are you taking new patients?

Unfortunately, as of December 1st 2021 we continue to be closed to new patients. We will update this website quarterly, next on April 2022 to let you know if or when we are able to accept new patients again.

How do you obtain my old records?

Your patient registration form, which is mailed to you, contains a medical record release form. If you complete that form and sign it, we will request your records by fax from your previous doctor. By law each office has two weeks to forward your records. If it is important to you that we have your records in time for your first visit, we ask you to call our office before the visit to find out if the records have arrived. If they have not, it is your responsibility to follow up with your old physician's office to obtain the records.

Does Dr. O'Grady have privileges at Dominican Hospital?

No, he admits only to Watsonville Hospital.

What is the turn around time for a prescription refill when I call it into my pharmacy?

Please allow 24 hrs between calling your pharmacy for a medication refill and calling the pharmacy to see if it's ready to be picked up. Although in most instances prescriptions are refilled the same day they are requested, this sometimes doesn't happen until the end of the day. (After hours) Patients who use our patient portal can request their refills via the portal online.

Will Dr. O'Grady refill a medication or refer me to a specialist prior to my first visit?


If I will need pain medications refilled at my first visit, will Dr. O'Grady insist on first receiving records from my last doctor?


Can I use the patient portal to make an appointment?
What is the patient portal used for?

Sending messages, requesting refills, requesting appointments, getting lab results, or changing information about your medications, insurance or demographics. The use of the portal is free, but you must sign up in person to use it.